Help in vexcode vr

Please someone who can help me learn to program in vex code vr I have a tournament in a few days and I do not know anything, please someone help me.

There are plenty of resources for programming education. If you go to tutorials in what I’m assuming would be blocks (since you aren’t learning all the syntax in one day, let alone the rest), there are more than enough tutorials to teach you how to program blocks. Do you need one-on-one assistance?
This should be all you need:

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Did you just start? How familiar are you with your headset? What is your headset (I’m assuming quest 2)? People aren’t usually personally tutored on entire broad topics like this on this forum so unless someone is willing to take several hours for a 1980’s training montage, it doesn’t seem likely.

Vexcode VR doesn’t run on a vr headset, it just has a virtual robot on your screen. (my best guess is vr=virtual robot)


Thank you. I am not enlightened in the ways of programming and had not payed much attention to the vexcode vr release

Tournament? I don’t think that there are tournaments for VEX VR? Are you competing in VEX IQ of VRC?

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