Help inner city robotics club and buy 4 Vex IQ kits

Hello all,

I have a sticky problem. It’s a long story, but I bought four Vex IQ kits (with sensors) for use with an inner city after school robotics club. I am running the club for free, since these kids are from the inner city and really don’t have the resources to pay for a club. I bought the kits thinking that Modkit would work with Linux because of an error on their website claiming Linux support (that they have since fixed). So it’s not really Vex’s fault, but I got stuck in a hard place anyway. I was able to borrow some laptops to run the program for a semester, but having a Linux only lab I can’t keep borrowing the laptops. So I’m stuck with four kits that I can’t use, and can’t buy replacement equipment for the after school club without the money. Unfortunately, Vex isn’t willing/able to refund the kits, so I’m asking the community if someone would be willing to purchase four Vex IQ kits at a discount. I would sell them for $200 each. They are the original kits, not the new ones. We had some problems with some of the sensors, but if you upgrade all the firmware and there are still problems, I’m sure Vex would be willing to replace a couple sensors. And I can throw in an extra controller with radios for free. So you could get $1050 worth of Vex IQ kits for $800 and really help out some kids that don’t have many opportunities. Thanks for considering!