Help Installing PROS

I can’t get PROS to install properly. Once VS Code is installed and the PROS plug-in, I get the following error message. Anyone have suggestions?

Firstly, in the PROS Sidebar click the Button that says “Install PROS”, and say “Install Now!” To the prompt if it is not already installed.

Secondly, most of the sidebar buttons are not in a very good state rn, so they don’t always work. I recommend you use the PROS integrated terminal instead (accessible by clicking the “Integrated Terminal” button in the PROS sidebar). Additionally, opening the PROS integrated terminal seems to fix most of the issues with the sidebar buttons, so the create project button may work after you open it. If it does not work, simply copy/paste the command on your screen into the PROS integrated terminal and run it (you will need to do file->open folder-> the project you just created after you run the command and let it finish)

If this does not work, let me know and I can help solve any other problems that arise.

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