Help installing Purdue PROS

Hi, I have an M1 MacBook air, and I’m trying to install PROS. I chose to install it through VS code. everything works until it starts to extract the code, it doesn’t start and just sits in my notifications. I’ve tried restarting, and deleting then re-installing. if you want any more details then reply. Thanks!

Many have had this problem. Myself too. Don’t install using VSC. Use these methods Installing on macOS — PROS for V5 3.6.0 documentation and then go to VSC. You can even use Atom, but I don’t think you’ll like the platform as much.

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I’ve had this same issue on Linux. It seems to work if you let it sit for 10~ minutes.

try installing via homebrew

  1. Download command line developer tools. Run git in the terminal. If it isn’t installed it should prompt you.
  2. Install Homebrew. Open the terminal and paste this command /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  3. When it finishes, restart your Mac.
  4. Run the following commands in this order
    brew tap osx-cross/arm && brew install arm-gcc-bin
    brew tap purduesigbots/pros
    brew install --cask pros-editor
    Optional: If you just want the CLI and not the editor replace the command above with brew install pros-cli
    Optional: If you’re using the vision sensor, run brew install vcs-vision
    and look for vcs-vision in spotlight search
    If you need anything else, here’s the documentation

Just for reference I have had this same experience. I had left it for 30 minutes once to no avail, homebrew works.

I just used python and it worked. Sorry, I forgot about this thread, but thanks for the suggestions.

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