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Hey can you help me with some questions 1. Max amount of servos and motors with out pneumatics? 2. Max amount of Serbia and motors with pneumatics? 3. How big is the primary battery pack? 4. When can lubricants be used on a robot? 5. Are robots allowed to make contact with with other robots? 6. Where do the controllers attach to the field? 7. What’s the max height a robot can expand up to after inspection? 8. What form must be uploaded to in order to compete?

@Arandom is this vex Iq, or vex tower takeover?

If this is tower takeover 1. you can use 8 v5 motors or 12 legacy motors with out pneumatics 2. 6 v5 motors, or 10 legacy motors 3. the battery is 12.8 volts, and has 1100mah. 4. White lithium grease can be used. 5. yes but you can only push robots for 5 seconds at a time, and then you have to move 2 feet away for 5 seconds to push again. 6. the controllers are wireless normally, but in competitions there is an ethernet cable looking thing that you plug in to the front of the controller. 7. robots can expand infinitley

This should be in the game manual. Go to the vex website, poke around and you should find it

Most of your questions can be easily answered by reading the game manual. You may also be interested in my FAQ thread.

Your controller will connect to the field via an ethernet cable, the other end of which will be connected to a piece of hardware in your driver station. If you’re interested, there’s lots of info about the field control hardware in this thread.

No form need be uploaded; the website will walk you through the process. From the homepage, click “VEX Robotics Competition”, then “Register a Team”.


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