Help making this screw-stopper sturdy

We are using the spacer and screw mechanism in order to get our wings to stop at a 90-degree angle. however, the force of the pneumatics pushing the wings is causing the aluminum of the c-channel the stop is on to bend the stop backward, causing the wings to move past the 90-degree threshold and cause the wings to be concave. Is there any way to make the stop sturdier?

Could we have a picture of the mechanism working?

Also, have you looked into boxing? There are some great videos about it on youtube.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


As a short-term solution, boxing would certainly work and a great resource to learn more about it and how to do it is VEX Build Masterclass #2 - Boxing

If there is enough force to bend the stop, however, I would recommend a long-term solution. More specifically, I would recommend altering the placement of your pneumatics until you find an orientation that starts fully retracted and ends around 90°. Boxing works, but if you’re planning to keep these wings for a longer period of time I would recommend changing the mounting of the pneumatics.

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Ok, so I boxed the place where the stop was sitting and lowered the pressure of the air pushing the piston forward and it fixed the problem.