Help Me Petition To California!

To support the teams in California, I have created a petition to allow teams that have qualified fairly who were denied and/or were unable to register to the states’ events. This should not be happening to these teams, and I am willing to try my hardest to allow teams to compete in a manner that is fair and appropriate. Yes, I am from Texas, but I will stand alongside my friends who are in California and I cannot stand here seeing my friends be cheated and have their fun ruined by a foundation that is primarily built to have fun. If you support me, please sign this petition and share it to other people. Thank you :slight_smile:

  • [TVA]Connor

What link?

I saw it for a second but it was gone when I reloaded.
Edit: It’s back.

It should be up now, my apologies. I had to change the link since it was the wrong one that was pasted.

The link is

I’ll sign it once I get home. It’s blocked at my school. :​P

Honestly, it seems you are just whaling on Nancy. That seems unfair to Nancy. Why not whale on the others as well? No sarcasm :slight_smile:

Try this.
I find the short URL tends to be blocked by schools, but the full extention is normally fine? It’s weird, but it works sometimes.


I have deleted the petition because the user who requested to make the petition (the user wasn’t listed in the petition, it was anonymous) chose to back out.
My apologies.