help me please

hi there, i have three questions to do. first- Vex have discontinued starter kit and all parts and acessories?? second- if not, where can I buy a starter kit in usa (ebay or other internet stores doesnt interest). third- where can i buy a starter kit in europe.

help me please

regards, tiago

u can get the starter kit online. here try this look up vex and u can get it for 150.00$:)

or you can get it from vexlabs or here this site is just a couple dollars cheaper

i dont want to buy online, where is another place to buy it??

whell most radioshacks have stoped selling them except for some random kits in random stores.
other than that im not sure

well last time i chekt at thay did not have a starter kit u may have to buy it online

um how about where they sell all the original parts starter kits and lots, lots more.
that is one of the best places for u.s. and you can get stuff to europe:cool:
note: Europe has a long travel time for packages from u.s.

The current Vex Starter kit is available directly from Vex online at

If you are uncomforatable purchasing online it is also available in select 3rd party resellers (both online, and off). You can check local Hobby or Electronics stores (more and more are now beginning to resell Vex.)


do you know of any sites or other stores in ohio thatsell it

No, unless you got airplane kit that you can not program in ohio…that is virtually worthless to wat you want…