help me to build my first skyrise robot

hi guys am just new to robot thing and soooooo excited, I so many asome skyrise vex robot. so i pland to buy supper kit an build my first robot,
am good in programming but the problem is in mechnical things so can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me step by step skyrise robot

waiting for you help all

I’m sure people here will help you, but you do realize that Skyrise the game is over and that the new game, Nothing But Net is now here right?

The game changes every year.

If you are just getting the super kit (and maybe a couple other things), building a good Skyrise robot might be tough without lots of metal, because of the height needed to be effective. You’ll probably be better off with the new game, Nothing But Net. Because robots can’t expand you don’t need lifts (except for elevating), and playing with different shooting mechanisms will probably be more fun. You can also play with local teams, and maybe even go to a competition.

In terms of game elements, you might be able to get a few cubes free or cheap if you ask on the forum, as they were being given away at the end of worlds. For NBN, you may be able to find cheaper 4" balls at a local store if you’re lucky, or on eBay.

If you are looking for a simple robot with good instructions you can always build a claw bot. I am pretty sure the instructions for that are on the vex website.

Here is the clawbot instructions for reference.

thanx all for the so fast respond i have build the claw robot it was fun but i wann more advanced one , and yes i know that skyrise is ended and nothing just net is the new game

but wan so **** hard build a skyrise robot
so agin plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz any help

thanx alll ur motivating poeple

You need to be more specific what do you need help with? What parts do you have? etc.

You might want to check out the Vex Robot Showcase:

These pages are where some teams have revealed their robots for all the world to eewww and ahhhh over. You can learn a lot by just freezing the images on their videos or studying their photos. From this variety of designs, you might pick one that you find most interesting. Then take it from there. Perhaps even contact the team you admire most and ask them for more details. Now that the SkyRise season is over, I’m sure many of the teams won’t mind answering detailed questions about their most important innovations.

You want to build robots? I would check out BotsNstuff

My students found it a terrific resource to develop robot for SkyRise…

thanx all for you great help and a special thanx to lacsap the website really helped me so much looking for more resourses of the fourm members speically in the mechnaic things


Nice, have you decided on what you want to build? If so, what do you plan to do?

If you have any experience with CAD software, you should utilize it before you start building.

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