Help motivating procrastinators to do their job

Hey. our builders this year r a bit of a procrastinators and we need help motivating them so we can actually start practicing for upcoming comps. any ideas to get them moving.

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Are you the programmer? If so, don’t limit yourself to programming. If your builders aren’t moving then move yourself. I’d show them some bots to copy and ask them to get a move on but if they really can’t then start building yourself.


I’m more of our communications (vex forums and discord) guy and our guy who knows all the rules and teach them the meta and strats to win. but one of our builders have been working on his bot every Monday-Friday from 3:15-6:30 and has only done the shape of the bot. it don’t move, its just a shell the first comps start in 2 weeks and we only have a bunch of metal in shape of bot

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That’s fine, don’t make it too complicated. A 2 bar with a v5 claw if you have it will suffice. If you don’t have that claw then a scoop. Program an auto to simply push in the preload cube then drive away.

Fitting in sizing isnt difficult because bars can’t exceed 35 holes long. Take inspiration from the vex clawbot, it’s not bad. If you can, make a 4 bar and position the claw facing downwards to do towers.

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I mean he is doing work. but the county next to us has done 3 bots and they only have 2 builders. yet it takes us 5 weeks just to make the shell of the bot

People move at different places. I took all summer to build a lift and drivebase that was super crappy my first year. Talk to your mentor about helping your builder develop. Mentors can help builders learn important building techniques and tricks. That’s how I learned about screw size, how to mount stuff properly, and about spacing.


yeah I mean if it gets to it ig we can try to hit some parts on our own and get it done together I mean we got 2 and half weeks til first comp

I would encourage all members of your team to be active on forums and discord. It’s a really great wealth of knowledge and can probably help your team get up to speed in competition.
If you’re the only person on discord and vf then encourage them to make accounts. There are many people who are more than willing to give specific advice on problems presented in DMs or just to chat about ideas.

Is your mentor able to help your builder? Are you? There’s a lot of stuff which can streamline the building process for builders. Ex. Machining parts, getting screws, duplicating mechanisms. If building is truly the only bottleneck then all focus should be on building or helping that builder build.

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Sign up for the earliest tournament in your area. Even if you take a pushbot - attend! That will light a fire under your team like nothing else will!!


I think they’re already registered. I agree, though. Crunching and bringing out that first bot will give the entire team experience to break down that bot and rebuild a better one.


Someone actively working on their bot 15 hours a week is NOT a procrastinator. He may not have advanced as quickly towards a final design as you would like, but if it is a design that the team has selected and that the builder believes he can pull off you should either actively aide or leave him to it. If the team as a whole determines that the selected design is not feasible within the time-frame allocated and using the resources available, then the team as a whole needs to get together and make some strategic changes.

I’ll be honest, here - it sounds like your whole team needs to have a big sit-down meeting (ALONG WITH YOUR MENTOR) and make some very specific goals (THAT ARE AGREED UPON). Everyone should at least be involved enough to know what design is being worked towards and what progress is being made on that design. It may be that your builder is behind and having trouble and needs more assistance; it may be that your team’s selected design is too complex for the time available; it may be that he is right on schedule and you just don’t know that schedule; all of these sorts of things should be discussed in a team meeting.

Progress shouldn’t be a big mystery to an actively involved teammate… this season I’m just the parent and not actively involved as the mentor anymore, and even I know basically where my son’s team stands in their design & build & programming progress; that’s just from a few minutes chit-chat & peeking in a bit when I drop off / pick up.


i think the best way to get them to do their job is to tell their parents and get their parents to force them to complete the job, Most kids would listen to their parents. Another way to give them a task list to complete certain tasks within a dedicated amount of time. You can explain to them that by putting forth an effort to work at first, would help them offload tasks later in the season, when people start getting very busy, shortly before the competition.

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I really don’t think this is what vex promotes. Vex shouldn’t be a chore it should be something students do extra-curricular that they’re passionate about.


yes although I would agree, the people who are procastinating in this example, are likely not uninterested in robotics, but just that their work attitide is not correct.


Finding these topics were a painnn but hopefully these can be helpful:


I don’t know successful forcing someone to care more works. In this scenario, in my opinion it’d probably be best for this to be discussed between team and mentor to reach the best solution.


The best solution imo is to become a builder. If you can envision the robot you’ll be able to build it.


or perhaps the engineering notebook writer if they don’t want to get involved with the robot

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guys i got it. just motivate them with mcdonalds. thats it

Are you sure about that?