Help. My codes weird

When I test my autonomous code off the field, it runs fine. All the motors turn when they’re supposed to, but when I put it on the field to run, it only runs the first bit of my code. I have tested using a switch, running it from the controller, and new wires. The drive code works awesome. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Could you please post your code? Hat will help us help you. You can put ‘’’ before and after to format it. Also I’d suggest that you change the category to #programming-support:vexcode-tech-support or whatever language you are using, instead of the VR. This will help more people find this post and help you.

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Does the timer pass 15 seconds, or run out of time?

It just runs the first few lines then runs forward a d spins the arms. It doesn’t time out.

I cannot tell what is wrong, can you please post your code using “” to format as @NicolBolas said? It will let us be able to help you.


I got some help from some kids in my state. We think we figured it out, but thanks for the help!