Help my programmer plays doom and makes our robot dance in circles?

Our programmer claims to be working on autonomous but this program doesn’t look like robot C?


Get rid of your programmer


Well honestly… I would only put up with so much messing around from a teammate of mine. I think this is just a joke, though.

Before anyone thinks I’m uptight, it’s definitely different when there is a fine line between free time and robotics time, such as working from home… but during the school year, we are working at the school, so robotics time is strictly limited, and every second needs to be used to its fullest extent.

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learn to code yourself then u dont need him

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My coder almsot got impaled today, so as long as he does the code right and does not throw metal with the claw you should be fine. Games are fun. Doom is a classic.

Well I would say. Keep an eye on him and make sure he’s doing what he says he doing. Or have your teacher/coach/random person, in charge keep an eye on him. Should fix your problem.

Simple Solution: Become a programmer.


At least it’s not a mac.

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But macs are good for programming though
(if not the best for VRC)
((btw I’m just quoting my programmer on that, I have no actual experience programming))

I don’t think macs have an advantage in anything in VRC, especially when you take into account compatibility and price. #PCmasterrace

That’s probably true. Our programmer just loves to look cool, that’s why he likes using a mac and using PROS (he literally said the reason he uses PROS is so other teams will think he’s cool)

Lol macs make you look like a dork. Lol does he have those stickers on it?

He doeesn’t have pros stickers, but I’m over here with a chromebook with an apple sticker over the dell logo

–this is only because it’s a school chromebook and we’re not supposed to have stickers on it. I also have a VEX robotics sticker on it

You can probably just bring your computer from home.

I’d rather not, just because It’s an actual desktop and I dont want the hassle. Also since I’m not the programmer I don’t really need it

Well, you technically COULD bring it, but I see your point. You can also pick up a Lenovo Flex for pretty cheap. I run their best one for my out-of-house beast, and I recommend it to all. Even the i3 one is supposed to be pretty good. Maybe you could have your team invest in one so you won’t run into any compatibility issues.

Yeah, but my coder DID get impaled today…