Help my robot gets slow for no all the sudden

In robotics club, my robot runs fine for a couple of minutes but all of a sudden just gets really slow anywhere from 2 minutes to 6 minutes, and it’s like an off switch. I have a 84:36 gear ration with 2 motors

It’s most likely that your motors are overheating. Just wait for them to cool down or blow them
with compressed air. They should be fine again.


Motors probably are overheating and the motors are protecting themselves. make sure that there isn’t much friction with your drivebase. if it runs fine for 2 - 6 minutes, it should be fine as matches are only 2 minutes long (including auton)

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if you have green motors, 84:36 is too fast, especially with 2 motors. Even though you have 2 motors, you may be able to switch to red cartridges for 233 rpm.


that sounds like some hot motors to me

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