help my robot has self control!!!

my robots arm is twitching why and how do i get it to stop?

post ur code my dude

Are you using motor controllers?

Is this happening in autonomous or driver control? If autonomous you probably have something wrong in your code ,so posting your code will help us determine that. If in driver control i would just redownload the firmware this solved it fror me anytime i had this problem.

how do i post it? sorry i am really new to this?

One way i now of doing it is to have a pdf file of your code and then post it as a picture

I recommend you copy-paste your code into a pastebin .

vex 2017 picture.PNG

its happening in driver control

Well we all knew it was only a matter of time before the robots became self-aware…

i did

Not with these microcontrollers they won’t.

Most likely this problem has nothing to do with the robot having self awareness or the code having problems. The twitching most likely is coming from a wiring issue. Maybe a loose connection or a short.


thanks man :slight_smile:

I can’t read easy c but its possible that your motors are receveing values from multiple places.