Help my robot might've broke idk pls send help

So on my code I have a gyro sensor Griff and try to turn the robot, Capture
but it turns in infinite circles, which won’t get points. If anyone knows what the problem is, help.

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Does the code work when you take the gyro off the setup

No, I could set the measurement on the drivetrain set-up, but I’m lazy.

I’m just trying to see if the problem’s the gyro, measurements don’t matter for that

Are you talking about IQ? By the way, I could send you the code through a picture.

I would take the don’t wait off of your first left turn. It’s weird to have the bot turn left and drive forward at the same time.

This sounds like a stupid question, but is your gyro plugged in?
Did you clear and calibrate your gyro (not entirely needed)?

It helps to print your starting value of the gyro, then the value when the sensor thinks it reaches its target, and then when your robot comes to a complete halt.

I don’t use blocks, so this may be weird to incorporate, but I’m just throwing out some troubleshooting suggestions.

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Thanks, I found what happened. I just had to detach the gyro sensor and measure.

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