HELP!!! Need 4 Large Omni Wheels

My school’s FTC team needs to get 4 large omni wheels for our bot. We planned to order them from vexlabs but they’re out of stock for 4 weeks. Our only competition is in 2 weeks. If anybody has a spair pair or two we can pay the regular price for them with shipping or if anyone knows where we can get them for list price PM me or post it here. Also if there are any teams attending the Diamond State Tech Challenge who can loan us a set of wheels we can return them that same day and it would be greatly appreciated as we are on a tight budget. Although the wheels are not absolutely necessary we planned to add them to our drive so we can turn a bit better since our current turning ability isn’t very good.

sorry i have none to give but will it work to have 4 omni on a 4 wheeled robot wil it be hard to steer

It’s going to be a six wheeled robot with the medium regular wheels in the middle.

Here is a website i found that sells large omni wheels.


If you plan to add these at the last minute in DE, be aware that they are not exactly the same size as the medium wheels. I forget which is larger, but you could end up with an unanticipated problem.

The Large omnis are slightly bigger, only by a little bit though, maybe 1 or 2 mm.

Yeah, we were aware of the size difference but the way our drive is set up it isn’t really a problem.

lol they must have not restocked in vex for a while 'cause the programming kits have not increased thier cost to 130 yet


Do you still need large Omni Wheels? We received a shipment today and now have extra. We will be attending the Diamond State Tech Challenge next Saturday.

Jon T

Yes! Any that we can use would be a great help! Thank you very much and we’ll see you at the competition next week.

now that’s gracious professionalism :smiley:
dean would be proud :cool: :rolleyes:

Jon_T that is something you can include when you talk to the judges. They like things like that a lot.