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I’m a new coach to a 5th grade robotics team. We are all learning together this year. I’m working with the Vex IQ Blocks program and have been quite Vex-ed! My question relates to the robot NOT performing lines of code for some reason. For example - we write several lines of code and try each line after constructing it. But when we get to the 5th or 6th line of code the robot does not perform the code. The robot just stops.

Troubleshooting- I have tried example code and that seems to work fine - with many lines of code. But I have modified these examples and also started code from scratch and still have the same issue. When I get 5 or 6 blocks into the code the robot eventually stops and freezes.

Please help me understand why.
Thank you.

Hi jrehberg, welcome to the VEX forum!

Could you post a screenshot of some code that behaves as you describe? Also, is there any pattern to when the robot “stops responding” - for example, does it always occur after you move a particular motor or mechanism?

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Tell me if this worked.

I tried working with this again just now. I believe I have too much motor rotation on the claw motor close. I have 1 rotation. I just tried backing off to 0.2 and it did go to the last line. Maybe it was jamming up the motor if you use too much rotation?

If you make it rotate to a point past to what it can actually do, it will keep running forever

I think that is the solution. Thank you.

Yeah, that’s a frequent source of problems. If (for example) you ask the claw motor to spin further than it is physically capable of spinning, it has no way of knowing that it can’t spin as far as you’ve asked it to, so it will happily sit there indefinitely as physical stops prevent it from rotating any further. And because that block hasn’t finished executing, no further blocks execute, so you’re left with the program hanging indefinitely.

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Thank you for answering. That solved the issue! I appreciate it.

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