Help needed - PIC microcontroller

First, forgive me - I am completely new to the Vex world. I am a parent helping a Sci Oly team - or at least trying my best.

We did have the funding to purchase a new kit this year for one team, but the other team is working with pieces parts from 2 older kits that utilize the PIC microcontroller. I have purchased some extra motors and gears on my own to help them along.

One of the old PIC m/c seems to work fine; the other is acting crazy (eg if you plug in two motors they immediately go “out of trim”, chirping, and spinning wildly on their own. I am wondering if trying to restore it to it’s factory-state will work. We only need one - and we have it, but I think it would be very helpful to know how to do this in case we need to unexpectedly given the age and use of the equipment.

Any experience with this? Thoughts? (excuse any misused terminology - still learning)

Thanks in advance.

Its worthwhile to try factor reset of the bad PIC controller and loading the default code, since it is useless to you as is.