Help Needed - Problem with the Claw on Default Robot

Hello. Our team is new to VEX, so we think that we’re probably missing something obvious about this situation…

We’re using a slightly modified default robot (We didn’t mess with the claw or anything around it). Every time the claw grips a cube too hard (or closes too hard) the entire program stops working until it’s released from that position. We don’t know if it’s a problem with the code or the physical claw, but we need help quickly.

We’ll try to provide any information we can on request, but we apparently can’t upload files as this account is new.

Without seeing your code, my best guess is that you’re opening and closing your claw “by position” or “by rotation of the motor.” What happens, then, is that if anything impedes the claw motion (such as the object you’re trying to pick up), the code cannot complete the “claw motion” step and just sits there waiting for the world to go by. Use “time” to open and close the claw, and the problem will go away. When the claw closes on an object, the timer will time out and the code will continue regardless of the “position” of the claw motor.

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So it will try to complete an action indefinitely if it’s to achieve a certain position? That makes sense. We’ll get back to you once we try again.

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When grasping a cube the motors should be kept on for time, not distance otherwise it will get stuck until it reaches that position.

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