Help needed!

Hello! I need some help ;w;.
I joined my school’s robotics team, and after a long time of working, we were able to finish our base moby. We finished the district-wide competition last weekend making it to QF. This is great but we are looking to add more to our original base. The problem is we have already reached the length and height limit, and have no ideas on what to add? Any ideas?!

( We have also been having a lot of trouble with our Autonomous. We actually broke our arm during the QF with the Atnomous going nuts. Does anyone have advice or a video we could look at to help our programmer?! )

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This is a contradiction. The basic moby bot is not anywhere near maximum size. Some pictures of the bot might help.

We can’t help if your robot is “going nuts”. What exactly happened? We can’t help if we don’t know what is wrong.


Our Autonomous has just been hard to work with. We cant get it to got far enough, and it went crazy and was driving everywhere. It actually also broke off a gear when trying to grab a mobile goal. Im actually the team journalist, but I can ask our programmers about it more in depth.

If you can’t get it to go far enough, increase the distance it drives forward.

Robots don’t just go crazy. This would be an error in your program.

This could be one of 2 things. Either it wasn’t the code, but the build quality that failed. Or, the code was running the motor after it had reached a hard stop.