Help! New Team Here

Hi, we are a new team and just recently got our parts. We have decide to build the base Moby design as we don’t have much time before the our first competition. While building the robot, we have noticed the V5 robot LI-Ion 1100MAH battery is dying quickly. The kit we bought only came with one. If anyone has tips to improve the battery, could you leave them here? We have looked all over over the web for the battery so we could buy some to see if they would work better and get some extras for our competition as we only have one. We have found none that would ship and others are sold out. If anyone could link us to a website that has some to ship to the U.S. Also if anyone has extras that they are not using and wanted to rent them out or sell them to us, (We would cover shipping both ways and would ship it back sometime in the early summer if you wanted to rent), It would have to be here by Feb. 12. . Thanks everybody.

how quickly is it dying? it could be a damaged battery, though they don’t really last all that long when undamaged either.

As you’ve discovered, batteries are unavailable for purchase everywhere I know of, your best bet is to reach out to other local teams in your area and see if they have any you can borrow. And if not, it is possible to make do with just one battery, just make sure that when you aren’t actively in a match, the battery is charging.


Batteries last 8-10 minutes under driving use. when it isn’t driving constantly it last for 30 minutes.

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@Xenon27 Thanks for the response, We will try to reach out to local teams around us but we are the first in our county. Also thanks for the advice about charging in-between matches

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I also don’t think it is damages but we are going to test it

Our one battery is fine it seems but if anyone has one to sell or rent, contacted us