HELP! New to Vex IQ and need help programming

I am a primary teacher that runs a robotics club. Last year we were donated 9 Vex IQs. The kids spent most of January - June just building. They are now built but we are having trouble getting them programmed. I have chromebooks that I would like to use to program them but I am not sure what program I should be using. My kids are TK-4th grade. We use Blockly in other programs and would like to try and stay in that area. I have iPads also but we also use those for other robots and I am worried I won’t have enough. Any suggestions?

Robot Mesh Studio can be run on Chromebook and has a Blockly interface so this will probably be a good place to start for you.

If you are just starting, take a look at the VEX IQ Blockly Activity Guide from Robot Mesh: