Help on creating moving arms on a tray bot

Hi, my team is currently upgrading our tray bot to have the arms move up and down and would like some tips on how to do this considering our last 3 attempts haven’t been able to move and also intake cubes. Our problem is that when they can move, they are too far away from the tray to have enough tension on the cubes to move them up the tray and when they do have enough tension (using rubber bands) normal the single motor cant move the arms up.

Any help would be appreciated, we are currently going to try high strength axles in about 4 hours when we have a practice.

EDIT: I do not have any pictures currently, I will try to get some later for more specific advice, but for now just general info is all I have

Remove any friction points, ensure that everything is fully braced (meaning anything that shouldn’t move –– anything except a pivot point or a joint –– is fully braced down), and rubber band tensioning such that the rubber bands help the lift come up. I can’t give you anything specific for your robot because you did not provide any reference pictures.


So the arm can’t do towers?

not right now, we want to improve them so they can

Pictures would be appreciated.

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put a crossbar under the tray that conncets the arms in place for optimal in taking. this does mean your tilter and arms must move at the same time but your programmer should be able to do that.

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