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Hi, does anybody have any ideas on to how I can improve my robot?

Here it is:

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I would make your drive base more square, ( this makes it tip over less, and turn better) and add a new MOGO lift or claw.

Power your left arm so you can pick up a goal. Also, this shouldn’t be labeled iq.

Were you trying to make a forklift? With the front support bar blocking those bars, they won’t be able to do anything.

Instead of using 2 motors for a forklift, you could make a 4bar lift that’s better at picking up goals and moves them more efficiently.

Are your omni wheels different sizes?

It depends on what function you’re trying for, if that’s supposed to be a forklift I’m questioning how functional that would be. My team is also working on a forklift currently, so I’m not sure how efficient they would be in a competition.

You might want to add some sort of wheel or anti tip near the forklift. The current design would create a lot of frontloaded weight, especially while actively lifting a mogoal.
Also, you could make it possible to dump a mogoal on top of your robot to free up the forklift, allowing you to pick another one up while still carrying the dumped one on the robot’s back.


I would recommend moving the forklift bars into the chassis and up a little bit so you can move the omni wheels a bit forward to make the balance better when picking up weight. Also I would have a 7:1 gear ratio on a red motor to have plenty of power to pick up a goal. 4wd looks good for balancing and pushing people around.


I agree with @Trip I would recommend adding some rubber bands for tension to your 4 bar. We did that with ours and we found the 4 bar would move a lot more easily that way. 4 bars do require a bit of support as you want to make both sides of it completely even so some standoffs and spacers could do the trick if you place them just right.

It looks like your motor is direct driving the forklift. You should use a gear ratio instead


You might benefit from studying and/or copying the hero bot instructions:


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