Help on Fixing Smart Motor

Now we have 5 broken Smart motors. They seem so fragile.

The latest one is brand new 22325AG. Its light is on and makes some sound like si…, but it does not spin. If I plug in a shaft, it is kind of hard to turn the shaft manually. However, if I remove the cartridge, it is pretty easy to spin the white plastic thing with fingers.

Does anyone have some idea how to fix it?


Try a different cartridge. If that works… can can CAREFULLY take cartridge apart and look for what’s jamming the gears.

It is not a problem with the cartridge. It does not spin even without a cartridge. There does not seem to be any jamming, either, as I can spin it with fingers.

Sounds like the driver may have been damaged.
As it’s new, just call vex support and get it changed under warranty.


Thanks for the suggestion. We will try.

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It is funny. Out of curiosity I opened the Smart Motor and now suddenly it works again. Not sure what I touched, and not sure when it will break again.

I would carefully inspect the white gears inside… see if there’s a stripped tooth.

That is a good point. Thanks

I also opened another broken motor, which seems jammed. After loosing it a little, it starts to spin again.