Help on Pear for Team Shirts

Hey Everyone, I found a great way for teams to order custom shirts and get other funding for FREE!!

Pear is a site for organizations (like a robotics team) to receive indirect funding from their communities.

By using this site, teams get free t shirts just by having supporters watch a short video, share on Facebook, or sign up for an email newsletter. All of these ways to help each other are optional, but great easy ways to help.

We need Your help!
Inspector Gadget Robotics 979A

If any of you decide to use this to fund raise for your team shirts, the forum community would be happy to help support you as well, just post here, and we will help support you too!

I’m not sure if this qualifies for any of the following:

  1. Exploiting the forum for self promotion
  2. Advertising
  3. Spamming

In any case, it’s a really questionable post, as most other Vex teams aren’t just looking to cough up money to support a potentially competitor team that they don’t know. Most teams (including ours) have found that it is better to try approaching the school’s boosters foundation or try to get sponsorships from local businesses when trying to get funding, rather than asking strangers.

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I just think it’s morally questionable to exploit the forums in the quest for funding. (which we all need)

This is free, but it is advertising, so I guess that it would violate that rule.

Nice website, but it doesn’t have much support for robotics. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to help!

I agree that it is better for teams to look to local businesses for direct funding.
This site however is free for anyone to use, and supporters don’t give money, but instead they watch a sponsor video, like a page on Facebook, or sign up for an email list.
I also stated that if you would like to use this site to gain funding for your team, I would be happy to help, so we can all have funding!

Thanks everyone for your help so far. :slight_smile: