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Hey Forum people, I need some help on this: My teammate said to me that I went against my coach’s saying because I’m in the theater department and robotics and the worlds and the show dates overlap and my team members are saying to quit the play. Ik this is kinda off topic but I want some experienced people tips. Thanks!

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Gonna depend on a few things:

  • are there understudies or people who can fill in for you in the play?
  • do all the dates overlap or only some of the show dates? can you find an understudy for some of the days, or do you need someone for all of them?
  • how essential is your presence at worlds to the team? are you a main builder or coder or driver?
  • also, your personal preference. Don’t let other people pressure into making a choice that is different from what you want.

hope this helps some, this is a sucky problem and I hope you figure it out.


If I were in your situation I would quit the play and go to worlds. Worlds sometimes can be a once in a life time opportunity that you don want to miss out on.


This is it right here. Make your own choice.
This is your decision, and you have every right to choose between the two and not feel guilty for not choosing the other.
If you want to go to Worlds, do that. If you want to perform in your play, do that.
It’s entirely up to what you want to do.

Weigh the options and come to your own decision, but be confident in what you choose. And don’t look back.


Do whatever you’ll enjoy the most. Worlds is still far enough away to cancel plans. I did a play earlier in the year, and I had to skip 2 robotics competitions to do rehearsals, as well as the actual play. I had fun while performing, but I also made sure my team knew what I could commit myself to weeks in advance. Worlds is weeks away, your team should have enough time to either come up with a replacement or be prepared to not have you in the pit. If they aren’t, they should be and it’s their problem.

On another note, you also could be in a situation where your team threatens membership if you refuse. That’s a whole other problem, and it sucks because there isn’t a great way out. Regardless, staying in that toxic environment will not be fun. If you are being pushed into that position by your teammates/org, I would stick with theater and leave. No amount of love for robotics could make years of misery worth it.

also please make your titles more specific


I’m also in the camp that is “do what’s best for you”. If there is an overlap, either find ways to make the overlap work or get out of the schedule issue (wait, if you’ve found a way to be in two places at once, please post how to do that!!!)

But you need to decide now, so the other people can make plans. So if you go to Worlds, the theater people need to make sure your role is covered. Same for the other way.

Life is hard, we need to make choices all the time. Like be there for the birth of a child, or be at work selling widgets. Don’t let people pressure you, pull the facts, do the pro vs con decisions and decide. (And BTW, being there at the birth is the decision, it’s the once in a lifetime thing).

Good luck on your choice!

Good luck

Worlds is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that I would not miss for worlds (scuse the pun), but depending on what your play is, you might want to attend that. What the other guys said is true - go with whatever you want, however, I would take worlds over pretty much anything.

UPDATE: Without me knowing lol my coach and the director are working around it for rehearsals and I don’t know abt the show dates and dress rehearsal but they said don’t worry abt it so im gonna play it by ear since my event doesn’t start in 46 days or smth like that. Thanks for your help!