Help on trying to make the Gyro Sensor work

It might be my robot, but I can’t seem to make the robot turn to the right. I have my settings as -80 degrees, with both move motors with opposite numbers, I also have reset gyro in the beginning.

Is there a simpler way in understanding how a Gyro Sensor works?

Can someone please type up the simple left turn or right turn command with the Gyro Sensor?

I guess you need to post your code and what programming environment you use.
For RobotC, the code would look like (depending on the numbers of motors you have, this had 2 on the left and 2 on the right):

        setMultipleMotors(50, LeftFrontMotor, LeftRearMotor);
        setMultipleMotors(-50, RightFrontMotor, RightRearMotor);
        repeatUntil (getGyroDegrees(gyroSensor) < -85) {
                // helps debugging
                displaySensorValues(line1, gyroSensor);
        stopMultipleMotors(LeftFrontMotor, RightFrontMotor, LeftRearMotor, RightRearMotor);