Help!!! Our lift is Leaning!!!!!

For some reason our lift is leaning and its not because of height!!! HELP!!!

Some pictures would be best to visualize the problem.

We’ve had the same problem. Here’s your checklist:
-check motors to see if any aren’t on or are maybe accidentally high speeded.
-make certain your bands are balanced.
-x brace if you can.
-send a joint axle that turns both sides to help force them to turn together.

Can you tell me what an X-brace is???

and of course check the program

Also I can send pictures if needed!!!

Look at 9065C. It’s just a set of two bars in an x that connects the two sides of your lift.

Pics would be nice.

Ok, Ill send them.

But How???


you don’t know how to send pics?


Can you show me the ways.

Just use the link icon on the top of the post to link a picture file.

I dont know how to send them to the computer.

are you using rubber bands to help with bouyancy? if so it could be that there arent enough on one side

Take a snip and then save it as a JPEG file.

Were not using rubber bands. Should

We? (sorry)