HELP our robot is a mess

we have some what of a design of our robot but it goes over the 18 by 18 limit just by half an inch and we need places to put or brain and pneumatics and it stop going over the long barrier we are using pivot gussets to climb we can get plastic sleds if we need and I was looking and the 3141v’s robot and saw they were using only one rubber band flywheel to launch with rubber bands underneath is that a good idea?
Here are some pictures of the robot

the triball grabber will have the rubber band flywheel or flex wheels to grab and

our two pneumatic canisters will be right next to the grabber. We are working to get it inside the 18 by 18 limit but if someone could guide us will be appreciated

18x18 is a hard limit. Your going to have to find somewhere to tighten up. It doesn’t matter if your over by 1/2" or if your just touching the measuring tool. Either way its oversize and you won’t be allowed to compete.


Is there a reason you need two air cylinders? If you just used one, you might be able to put it on that bar right behind the intake. Our robot uses a similar intake and having something behind it like that does not impair triball aquisition.

I’ve never used pneumatics before (this is my first year of vex), so I don’t really know how they work. Sorry if my response had some sort of error.

Just to help with terminology so everyone is on the same page…the OP is looking at mounting air tanks (or reservoirs), not air cylinders. “Air Cylinders” are the actuators that many students improperly call “pistons.”


We are fixing some parts as I said to be inside the limit the problem is that after we added the launcher the robot i guess has made it too heavy to climb we are making it a four motor drive instead of two so i’m asking will that help and is it a better idea to make a similar one rubber conveyor as the design of the launcher from 3141v’s robot. And should we put plastic or poly carbonate (whatever you want to call it) sleds instead of the pivot gusset? And ill add pictures after we put the pneumatic on fully witht the 4 motor drive.

Is everything aluminum?

yes as much as we could we made it alluminium but a few pieces are steel