Help! Our team is in need of a loaner battery before our next competition! (Seattle area)

Hey guys, as the title says our team, 8831B, has had a malfunction in both of our batteries, rendering them bricked. We have ordered new batteries, but due to them being out of stock, we cannot obtain them until mid December. Are there any teams around the Seattle area (I’m willing to pick up) that could help us out? We’d only need a battery for a few weeks until our replacements come in. Thanks for reading.

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Hi, if you are still in need of batteries my club (Exothermic Robotics) is willing to give you one. We are based in Redmond, WA. PM me for more details.

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Hey, just checked on VexDB and apparently my team is going to the same competition as you. Unfortunately, we can’t give you guys a battery cause we only have two. Good luck tho and see you there!

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