Help please. Items lost in Dallas at Worlds. Cash reward offered!

It’s a long shot but I’m hoping someone can help us!

My daughter’s team (The Cookie Monsters) was lucky enough to be invited to Worlds this past weekend. We had a blast, and considering this season was the first for the whole team and coaches, we exceeded all expectations regarding our performance!

The two owls (Steve: black beak, Steve Jr.: gold beak) were taken off our table in the pit area sometime on Saturday. In hindsight, leaving them out on the table with the stickers, cookies, and other swag was not the best idea. We think someone just picked them up and some cookies at the same time.

The owls belong to our younger daughter who was not able to make it to Dallas to watch her big sister compete. She sent the owls (her 2 favorite stuffed animals) to Dallas with us in her place. Needless to say, she’s pretty upset we didn’t bring them home with us.

We’ll gladly offer a cash reward plus compensation for shipping if someone were to return them to us! Thanks!!



Was this High School or Middle School Worlds?

Middle school. The owls disappeared sometime early Saturday afternoon.

I will ask my teammates If they saw them there

I’m really sorry this happened. We also had a squishmallow on our table who someone stole. I don’t have any information on who took them or where they could be, but I really hope you find them.