Help!!! Program not uploading to cortex

Our cortex is not receiving ANY programs, we have already tried configuring the remote and the cortex, tethering the remote and the robot, updating firmware, restarting computer, cortex, and remote, replacing batteries, programming with different cables(AtoA, programming module and others.), reconnecting ALL our wires, the only suggestion which we have not tried is throwing it against the wall, if you have suggestions we have a competition tomorrow. :frowning:

Hello, about your problem … try updating the firmware using this (, and then try uploading a sample program. i can assist with programs in robot c other than that, i dont use easyc

Hope this helps !

if you want, i can talk through the problem via skype if needed, comment me if you need to and i will send you my username etc


hi, i am logging into my skype account now (liam.grazier), add me and call me within the next hour if you need help

Liam Grazier

sorry we dont have skype

ok, well i can try and do it via text … have you tried the innovation first firmware updater yet ? … and also … what programming software do you use ?

hi … now i am going to jot a thew stages together to try and help … these should help

please not, when plugged into the usb the lights battery light should be red, and another light should flash …

1: using the firmware update program (previously referenced) … plug in your cortex using usb a-a cable, and rewrite the firmware

2: do the same for the joystick controller

if you are using robotc follow these instructions

open robotc, and plug in cortex

now … go to the robot menu, scroll down to firmware, go to manual, then to robotc firmware, and click the file … this should transfer across … if not
check connections and lights …

after this, write program to cortex … (either your own, or a sample)

then after downloading program, unplug the cortex from the computer, and then plug the end that was previously in the computer into the joystick … after this, plug in battery to cortex, and power on (tether connection) … after the cortex lights turn to double green … you are working :slight_smile:

if this didn’t work, try it again … if not i will be around for another couple of hours (in the forum) … so post back (i will keep an eye out)

Hope This Helps
Best Of Luck Tomorrow

Liam Grazier