Help Programming V5 Controller

Trying to write a program so that our robot can be driver controlled. We don’t even know where to start! We are marginally comfortable with VCS but are really still mourning ROBOTC. Any sample programs or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated

Thx :slight_smile:

I really liked ROBOTC’s simplicity. There is a series on YouTube that was launched with VCS that details the transition between the two. I don’t have the time right now to go find it, but it’s pretty good. I’d reccomend taking a look at it.
Edit: I think this is it.
Didn’t have time to confirm.

Give Robot Mesh Studio a try. Here are three example projects for basic tank-drive robot movement:


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I’ve heard good things about RMS. Haven’t tried it, though. It’s probably worth a shot. I’m on a school curriculum type thing, so they’re using VCS because it’s the most official.

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