Help: Promoting our vex programme to new students

hi everyone, on 15th october there is an open day at our school and in previous years we have just had the robots out and people have been able to play with them etc … this year i wanna go massive ! … i am already planning to do the following:

PA KIT: with microphone and laptop feed (to entice people in)
PROJECTOR with screen (to show videos) .
4 PROTOBOTS demo, 1 mec drive base demo that people can drive etc …
banners on display
photos on display
team shirts / hoodies etc …

does anyone know of any good vex clips that i could use in a video playlist … ?

also: any hints etc on what else to display ?

thanks in advance :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Check out this recent thread:

I suppose everybody’s been having their club fairs recently :smiley: . We had all of the scoring objects out from previous years along with some of the goals. We made a nice display, and looped some video (video of our robots and this year’s game “animation”). We also had a robot from last year driving around, one on display (as we had salvaged some parts from it over the summer), and a mini-robot for the… erm… cuteness factor supposedly. We also drove the robot around the other booths, certainly an eye-catcher. Just be careful when driving it that nobody steps on it, so, depending on the venue, it may or may not be appropriate.

CHEERS, loads of good content there :smiley: