Help! Robot isn't functioning!

Hello Vex Robotics Forum Members,
We have a problem with our Robot. All lights from both the Robot brain and the Handheld controller signal that the tether or blue-tooth dongle ought to work. This isn’t so. Has anyone had a similar issue or a solution to this problem? We are stumped and cannot find fix. This is very important to us, we have a competition one day from now. If you could respond in a brief time, that would be great. Thanks all!

Have you changed your code? Did it work prior to now with no changes since?

You may want to post your code so it can be looked at and corrected if needed.

yah that happend to me at the California State Championship:cool:. it drove off the square in autonmous then stoped. everything was green but it just stoped and we lost, in the quarter finals too:mad:

there are many things that could have happened to your connection. could you tell us what the lights on the controller and cortex were showing? this will help indicate what happened to the robot. as well, were you plugged into your computer via the serial to usb cable or to a competition controller? finally, just to be sure the program isn’t the issue, try uploading a simple piece of code to the program. something that prints a string or something along those lines.