Help!! Turn on and wheels won’t stop moving


So my girls turn on the robot and the wheel keep rolling. What should we do? Whip clean the firmware? Reset it? Help!!!

If you are using robotc, make sure you are using the VEX competition template. It is found in the sample programs.

Make sure you are using motor controllers for ports 2-9

make skewer that your cortex doesn’t have an autonomous (if you just want driver control)

If you have a competition switch, plug it into your controller with the comp switch disabled. Then, download your code. Hopefully, you just had some bad code in the cortex and downloading fresh will take care of take care of the problem.

One of our teams had a similar issue last week and that is how they solved it.

Good luck.

Just to ensure it’s not a programming error, can you post the program which you downloaded to the robot? :wink:

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