Help us choose a team name!

We’re starting a new team 2381X, and we need name ideas.

If you have suggestions, please fill out the form.

What is your school name and mascot? Many teams like to relate it back to that in some way

School name is Colonel By, our robotics club is called Kernel Bye. Our mascot…doesn’t exist.

Alright then, I’ll think on that then

I found you a mascot


Actually it would be pretty funny (and more importantly recognizable) if you made a colonel Sanders themed robot

It would actually be awesome to have a team based on fast food

oof double post

would i run into copyright issues.

I wouldn’t think so, but you can politely ask them. I’d imagine they’d say yes because its good advertising.

Maybe even get sponsored?! xd not happening rip.

Yeah no

Phaserbeam is a good one.

Why not Finger Lickin Good?

I got the copyright issues solved

or even better

i am sorry for creating this

With this much support, I think that you kind of have to create a KFC themed team. Maybe you guys should be KFR, Kentucky Fried Robots. From Canada. But that’s nbd

What am I seeing…

a work of art