Help us Vex college students win a Free Wedding. Day 2

My fiance and I met at the World Championship 3 years ago in California and recently got engaged. Our relationship was built around our common love of robotics and grew from there. We got engaged on New Year’s Eve and now we’re trying to win the wedding of a lifetime from a radio station (xl106.7). We made a video for the Falcon’s Fire Wedding Contest and now we need our family and friends to help us out by voting. Since our relationship started with our VEX family, we think you all are the perfect people to help us win the wedding of our dreams.
Follow the link below and vote for our video. It’s called “Nice Day for a #Weiswedding”! You can vote every day until Friday, April 15th!

Edit: it’s day 2 and everyone can vote again until Friday.
Thank you guys for all of your support.

I deleted my post from last night since the OP verified that the site is not haywire. I don’t want to keep anyone from voting for them. Good luck!

Use AD Block Plus. Works with pc and phone.

The post is legit, just watch the video and you’ll see. Voted! Good Luck and hope you win.

This did not happen for me. Did you click vote more than once?

I don’t know what I did to get over 100 windows to open - I’ve never had anything like that happen! I really want to vote for them, now I’m scared. Such a cute story!

Sorry for your trouble. But I tried it with and without ad block and don’t get the same response.

if you are still having issues you can boot into safemode on your android device and clear the cache

Thanks! I’ll try it again.