Help using MC29 with non-vex electronics

Yeah, I know I tagged it V5. I couldn’t find cortex and I didn’t know what else to use as a category.

Anyway, I have two MC29 cortex motor controllers that I want to use to run two small non-vex motors, and control them with non-vex equipment. My end goal is to make a little tank with only spare parts i have lying around, and I have an xm+ frsky reciever and drone flight controller that will convert the xm+ sbus signal to pwm signal for the mc29. Problem is, the mc29 isn’t responding, even with tested with a “servo checker” that outputs pwm and 5v. I am guessing that this hobby grade pwm that a standard servo uses won’t work with the mc29, but in theory it should at least do something, right? Perhaps this is an @jpearman question?

Thanks in advance!

NEVERMIND 5v isn’t enough to power the mc29. Sorry for the ping James, I figured it out. Rip. Sometimes its the simple things.

That had been my first thought, it must be right on the edge, we do power the MC29 with 5V when using the V5, perhaps you had long cables or the 5V was a bit less than 5.