Help using Vex Assembler

Hi, sorry for this obscure title ^^
I started using VEX Assembler, downloaded from there :
But I’m having many problem with it.
First, when I try to connect beams and plates using pins, the program turn my part in other direction and I’m just, unable to keep them in the right direction.
Even if I lock the first part, the second part will turn
I’ve put some picture. I’m connecting them by clicking the yellow circle on the pin, and then clicking one on the motor.
Even If I only have one pin it will turn the plate. This is really frustrating !
Also, I saw in a video that it was possible to use some “physic” by dragging item ( like finger of an hand ) but I’m not able to do this ?
If I drag a hole it simply say “Select next connection point to create a contact” and if I try to drag the part, everything move…

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:



So, I find out we must lock the part so the other part will rotate…
No really intuitive when starting but still working if used correctly!

Try LDraw, look in general.

I tried MLCad but I don’t understand how to use it. I’m new in this…

There are several great tutorials on the LDraw site (the parts MLCad uses)
I’ve also written a series of articles in HispaBrick Magazine (in English as of number 002) that may be helpful
You should also definitely read the LDraw + VEX IQ related posts here for the necessary little tweaks to make working with MLCad easier

Hi all~~
I’m a middle school teacher and we just downloaded the VEX Assembler software to my Robotics lab.I have a very difficult time getting the parts to connect correctly to the right spots. Also, once it is connected, it won’t let me rotate the parts to connect them properly.

One other question, is there a way to change the “Home” orientation? It seems to default to an odd view that doesn’t give me a very good angle to look at the design.

Edited to add: I’m using the Windows 7 64-bit version.

HI Deborah,

To rotate an individual part in VEX Assembler, at least one element needs to be locked into place. If nothing is locked, clicking and moving something will move all parts.

To lock a part, single click on a part in the build area. It should glow with an outline, and several buttons should pop up. If you click on the Lock icon it will toggle that part between locked (cannot be moved or rotated) and unlocked. When at least one part is locked, if you click and drag on another beam or element, the non-locked beam/element will now rotate.

There are additional views available besides Home that may be useful. The cube in the top right corner of the build area can be clicked on to face specific views. Clicking on Top, Left, or Front will give you flat, head-on views, while clicking on the edges of the cube or the corners of the cube will give you angled and isometric views.


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