Help! V5 battery stopped working

My team only has received one v5 battery so far, and we were driving the robot around a we noticed the motors started slowing down, and then died.
The lights will not turn on when we pressed the button that should turn the lights on and they will not turn on when we plug it into the charger.
We have never charged the battery overnight and this is the only battery that we have.

Was this system fully updated to the latest vexos (V1.0.2) released a couple of weeks ago ?

we did not update and we can not get the brain to connect to the vexos utility without the battery working

Call vex support on Monday. Battery had some known problems and this one is probably not recoverable.

We need some sort of blanket warning that the batteries need to be updated to 1.02 when first opened.


That would be the right thing, but people don’t read manuals or labels or license agreements :frowning:

On that note, I would like to nominate the V5 QUICK START GUIDE as one of the most useless printed documents in terms of legibility… environmentally damaging.

not even sure what the right process is to prevent the issues being seen, given the first page says to charge the battery until…

It would have saved one of my batteries!

I got my V5 bundles when the battery firmware update was identified, so I knew to update, but not sure how others will know.

VEX should just include a small piece of paper with a large, bright red stop sign, as follows (centered, obviously):

Have you tried resetting it by pressing the small button? That has worked for some of my teams batteries, but some of them are bricked and we are currently unable to fix them.

The reset button seemed to work but I think the displayed charge was inaccurate because it was shutting off the brain at “60%” charge.

The notification should come through VCS. It did not prompt users to update within the program, so we had to use a standalone updater to get it to work. If the same notification popped up on VCS and prompted the user to update, then none of these batteries would continue to be used without updating.

Using the reset button will cause the capacity display to be inaccurate until a full charge cycle has been performed. If the battery now has some life please get the system updated.

VCS should show a notification when the Brain is connected if vexos needs updating.

Great to hear, that should definitely help to decrease the battery problems that many have been having

Not everyone uses or will even ever open VCS. I agree that VCS needs to notify for updates (and maybe even prevent downloading code to the Brain unless the Brain reports a high enough vexOS version), but the paper notice I suggested before will be truly universal to everyone using V5.

This is true but some people likely won’t read that (yes I know that’s their fault but we shouldn’t just ignore that). Also, a piece of paper can’t prompt people to update their software when the newest version is released, it only tells them that there is likely an update available upon receiving the hardware and there may be other updates at unknown times in the future.

No solution will universally prevent people from being stupid; that’s not the point. The point is to ensure everyone is given reasonable notice of the need to update firmware; beyond that, people will just be at the mercy of their own stupidity.

And, like I said before, VCS absolutely should prompt users to update. But including a notice in the box in addition would guarantee that everyone using V5 was given ample notice to update.

I think that every battery they said they shipped now will be updated. with all the problems we are having that would be stupid not to. Be a lot easier than including a notice in every box.