Help. V5 Brain "Invalid Asset Table Version!"

After updating the brain, I turned it on and it didn’t show the usual interface, instead it’s showing four icons and at the top it says “Invalid Asset Table Version!”. How do I fix this?

Try using the VEX V5 firmware utility and enable forced updates (you might have to press shift+v then click on the V5 logo to show this option) then try and reinstall the update.

For some reason the VEXos Utility won’t recognize that a brain is connected to my computer but PROS will.

Mac or PC ?
are all the other programs like PROS and VCS closed ?

PC, and no they weren’t closed. Also I just now realized I had the wrong version of the os utility.

it’s fixed now. I downloaded the correct version of the utility and updated the brain. :sweat_smile:

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