Help! Vex net issues!

HELP! Our team has lost our vex net WIFI keys and the competition is saturday. We were wondering if it is legal to go to a competition with crystals? Is it common for Competitions to allow both vex nets and crystals for SACK ATTACK?
If you havent noticed…IM FREAKING OUT!:eek:

First – relax. Everything will be OK.

Second – have you tried contacting the event partner for the event? The EP will usually put their email address on their event in You can ask them if they plan to support crystals, and if they can help you find someone to loan you a couple of VEXnet keys. If you showed up to just about any tournament I’ve ever been at, someone would be happy to help you.

It will be OK.

Just a note – have you tested crystals on your robots? If you are using the PIC VEX controllers you should be fine, but you should test if you normally use VEXnet.

Good luck this weekend!

Which competition? Where are you located? Perhaps another team can lend you some.

Losing your VexNet keys a couple days before an event is hardly a cause for panic. Legitimate causes for panic include:

  1. Taking a five hour bus and ferry ride to get to a tournament, and discovering at 8:00pm, 12 hours before the tournament starts, that you left your robot at home.

  2. Showing up at the FVC World Championship, and discovering that the Transportation Security Adiminstration impounded your robots in Dallas. When they finally arrive at 3:00am the morning of the tournament, discovering that TSA bent the frame while cramming them back into the shipping boxes.

  3. Showing up at an FRC event, only to discover that your robot was on the other side of the continent due to a shipping error.

  4. Finally making it to the elimination rounds of an FRC event, only to discover that your team driver has completely disappeared from the building. Okay… sure… from the team point of view we just got someone else to drive, but from the teacher point of view, one of my students was AWOL. That’s more stressful for a teacher than students might realize. Most of the time parents actually DO expect me to bring their kids back home with me. :slight_smile:

Okay, I can’t claim to have been personally involved in #3… and will attribute #1 and #2 to members of a certain prominent Vancouver VRC-involved school. I was there when it happened, and in each case everything worked out okay and we laugh about the events now.

VEXNet keys are highly interchangable, and a quick call to your event organizer will set you straight about crystals. (We still use both at our tournaments…)

Oh, just a thought that I’m sure has already occurred to you, but your team might want to look into how the keys went missing and develop some procedures to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Have fun at the tournament,


Thanks Guys I really appreciate your guys’ help! We went to the San Diego competition yesterday and encountered some reallly friendly teams. They let us borrow their vex net keys and their cortex brain. Everyone was very understanding on the losing vex net keys. They even had the same problem happen to them before too. Thanks again guys! oh! FYI we are playing in Semi Finals tonight! :smiley: we couldnt do it without them!