HELP: Which kit is required to build the Crunch V5 model?

I have Classroom starter kit and competition starter kit but as it doesn’t come with a list of components in it, I don’t know as what is required to build the Crunch V5 model.

For your reference:

Just under the heading Parts List on pg 2 of the directions, it states that Crunch can be built with one V5 Competition Starter Kit.


What about the other models in the following link:

Can they be built by just 1 V5 Competition Starter Kit?

Yes, all the pre-engineered basic designs can be built from a competition superkit. Each year, VEX releases a “minimum competitive concept” design for the current game: a robot that will play the game at a basic level, good, but not great. It gives beginning teams a place to start, until they learn how to begin creating their own designs.


FYI - On step 32, the directions specify using 2x 4990-001 screws, which are 1/4 in screws. The Competition Starter Kit doesn’t actually include those screws, but it does have Locking Star Drive Screws (276-5006), so you can just use those.


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