Help with a project

Ok, well I have started a project with a rubik’s cube, a robot being able to help loosen the rubik’s cube, perhaps after lubricating one as such. However, I have come into a problem and need some help. I need to find a way to get a piece of metal perhaps to go forward ->->->->-> using a motor , a few gears, and some screws. If not, you can help me think of a way to help flip the cube onto its side. I have everything else ready, except for this one part. I would like any respond and that would be great. Thanks. :slight_smile:

linear motion is possible from rotary motion and there are a few different techniques

think of a train (well an old one) how the wheels go round and round but a bar between two is moving in a linear motion

i will demonstrate with LEGO as all my vex is being used but its the same principles: (these are my two favourites, there are lots more)


Thanks for the idea BUT, can you possibly minimize the pics so its easier to look at :smiley: thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: Plus, even so in doing this, may I ask how to build one? (using Vex of course)

Edit (Again): Never mind, for some reason my screen enlarged them the first time, now its great thanks!

yep i shrunk the pics :smiley: (sorry thought vex forum did that auto.)

for the first one i would use two 60-tooth gears with a 36 or 12 tooth gear in the middle, then attach two bars (you might want to cut these down or use something entirely different like standoffs with angle guessets) on each gear, make sure they’re parallel to each other, and then attach the bar that must go in a linear motion to the end of each bar

as for joints, i would see if you can cut down some drive shafts to about 1" or so, if not use a screw with a nylon nut (just make sure everything can be moved freely

as for the second one i would get a 60-tooth gear again (or 84 if you have it because you want the joint as close to the edge as possible), then take some parts and make an L joint preferabbly with one side larger than the other (you’re gonna have to be creative here to suit your needs) and then make two loose joints

hope i helped!

You might want to look at this:
it solves the Rubik’s as well as plans and code for the Mindstorm…

wow they need an NXT version of that!? sweet i remember the RIS version of that

it would be pretty cool for somebody to make a Vex version of it

welcome to vex forum BTW

no there were originially at my camera’s default size of 7.2MP, i shrunk them down on my web server to 600x450px;

might be a bug in vBulletin, i always remember it shrinking images…JVN or Brandon, can you shine some light on this?

Thanks for the suggestion, I have watched MANY vidoes with solving the rubiks cube using lego mindstorms, but I was just asking if there was a way to change the idea to Vex, you know? Anyways, I believe I hopefully got it, as what I did was, I got 2 pieces of metal and on the ends, they meet. Through both ends I put in a rectangilish metal bar and put on two fasteners.
(attached a 60 tooth gear to the bottom end) and I will build a support box or so. Once again, thanks for the suggestion and thank you everyone, including basicxman for helping supply pictures I could view. :slight_smile:

      -Lostboy34 :D