Help with AutoCAD with VEX Parts

I am starting to work with AutoCAD 2017 and have imported parts from the VEX website. The only problem is, for the design I’m working with, I need to “cut” a C-Channel down to something like 1x2x1x10. I can’t figure out how to go about cutting the part down. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Start a sketch on the side face than make a line at the angle you want, make the line a rectangle that overlaps the cut parts, than extrude through all or to 3 in.

Click “Start 2D Sketch” and click on the part you want to cut. It will kind of zoom weird and move. then just focus back in on your part then I use the rectangle tool, but you can use any off them, as long as its a closed shape. Then when your done press “Finish 2D Sketch”. Then find “3D Model” and hover over “Modify Assembly” and press “Extrude”. Then it should cut (may take a little bit).

So I drew a rectangle on the part I wished to cut and Extruded it, now I have a 3D rectangle covering the part, but the rectangle is worse than having the original VEX part there. Is there a way I can get rid of the rectangle and the piece of the part that it covers? I am new to autoCAD and am trying to teach myself so I may have done this wrong as well

I have some experience with Autodesk Inventor, but I am not sure how different AutoCAD is.

I think you may have extruded but left your extrusion as a “join” type extrusion. If you want your extrusion to erase the space that it covers, the extrusion should be directed inwards, with a “cut” type of extrusion. This should make the space covered red.

Here is a link to a guide that our team is trying to develop:

This video should also help:

Hopefully this helps.

I also have Inventor and played with it very little, but it seems like the other answers were also for Inventor as I could not find the buttons in AutoCAD but found them on the first try in Inventor. I’ll try designing the section of the robot I was working on in AutoCAD in Inventor and see how that goes. Thanks for the help