Help with Autonomous Starting Position

I have a question about the autonomous code. If we create a 15 second code, how do we know where our starting point will be? Because if we code from a certain starting point, then when we get to the event they place us on a different starting point. Will we have to change the code? Or can we still use it?

You place your robot wherever you want. Though especially with this years game you should coordinate that with your alliance. Many teams will wind up having multiple auton routines so they can be effective based on where they start to best help the alliance win


Please first review the rules in the game manual for legal auton starting placement. When you get assigned an alliance partner, it is up to you to coordinate which side auton you want to do. If both you and your alliance have the same side auton, you will run into issues. For this reason lots of teams end up making 2 autons, 1 for each side. The event does not determine where your robot is placed, it is up to you to place the robot in a legal starting position.

Sounds like we need to create multiple starting points. We just were not sure how much time we had to switch codes or if we would have time to talk to our alliance team. Thank you for your response.

Note that you can have multiple programs on your robot brain, and you will know your alliance partner and color for each match at the start of the event.

If you are feeling motivated you could write your own Autonomous Selector.