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So my team is building an RD4B but has to use one motor for it. Currently we are thinking on using a 1:7 gear ratio with a torque motor for the lift because we are attaching a tray on the RD4B similar to the 42700 team’s robot. Currently not sure if it will be strong enough to lift it. On the side note, we are planning on putting the motor in the center of the RD4B and having a high strength axle connect both sides of the lift. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Sounds about right. Be sure to brace both stages well and keep in mind space for banding points.

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If your RD4B cant lift as high as you would like you might be able to gear it further to get some extra torque im not sure how well it will work. Also an idea ive had about rubber band you could use latex tubing cut down and tied to get the tension you need to lift. With using latex tubing you can adjust how tight you want it since you can make it what ever length works for you. It works especially well on a ramp to deploy as you can make it very stong

For building DR4B tips it is useful to read this DR4B Tutorial by 333A

If you are going to connect sides with high strength shaft, please, use it with 12T pinions, and not 84T gears for better force transfer.

You are going to have trouble making a DR4B work with 1 motor if you are inexperienced. It is doable but you may want to dock a motor elsewhere if possible. If you try and use 1 motor for the lift you will need to make sure it is evenly braced all the while being really light.

We will definitely try that out. Thanks!

Thanks for the advice!

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