Help with change up hood

When I was making my hood I ran into a problem where it can’t push the balls out.
The only way it can get a ball out is if it has speed going into the hood. (Drops to 250rpm once it hits hood)

Should I switch to a different design that is more rigid or is there some way I can make the lexan weaker.

Also I should note all the roller are 30 tooth and 600 rpm. With the flywheel being 900 rpm.

The lexan needs to pivot. You have it mounted statically, which requires the ball to deform it. Adding a hinge between the lexan and c channel is a really easy fix. Also, if this isn’t in the plans, make sure there’s anti-slip on the inner surface of the lexan or your balls will just roll against it rather than shoot out.


I have tried to doing a hinge and what ended up happening is the ball would get stuck between 2 rollers and just bounce up and down.
Very likely I’m going to try and make a version that is bent and will stay up somehow.

Edit: I have also tried doing it without the spine thing and it has the same problem.

Did you see what I said about the anti slip? If you don’t have anything for the ball to roll on, it won’t go anywhere.

Okay I’ll try that once I get some.

You could also try and put it on some rubber links

Does your hood have a certain point where it can not go back any further?

your hood should fit the path of the ball. make sure it has mostly even compression, making it curved can make that easier to do, but it is possible to make a flat hood work.


Whats a good example of anti-slip?

Anti slip is a material (anti slip mat). Vex sells it but you can also get it anywhere as kitchen liner. It’s used in cupboards so that dishes don’t move around.


anti slip is a good example of anti slip


Maybe you could etch small markings into the lexan so it has more traction.

That will do little to nothing to fix your problem.

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Even still it would be a hard surface (polycarbonate) against another hard surface (plastic). Scratching it would’ve solve your problem. I would suggest using anti-slip mat and/or adhesive foam to add grippy-ness/ compression to your hood. Scratching the polycarbonate will ruin it for future use and will make it look worn (like it TP flags at the end of the season).


Oh I see, the rubber mesh type thing correct?

Yeah, that’s right. You can drill holes on the side edges of the lexan and zip tie it on, or use rubber bands to attach it.


Oh sweet, good to know. Thanks.

You can cut a U-shaped piece out of the lexan like this
" \_/ "that will allow the ball to come out. Here is an example:

Skip to 2:26


You could try to use something to prop up the Lexan, so when the ball pushes up the Lexan, it locks in place and props up the Lexan.

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I just used the bcukets from the top of the towers from Tower Takeover. It’s curved and works almost flawless.